Friday, July 13, 2012

Excellent Example of Project-Based Learning in Practice:)

Project-based learning will take on an even bigger role with the implementation of common core standards.  Students will analyze problems in small groups and reach decisions that may be different from the other teams in the class and that is OK because there is generally more than one approach to solve a problem.  In this type of setting, an ELL will be able to share his/her solutions in a low anxiety setting where he/she is delving into the topic while also strengthening English skills.

Though this video is not based on common core, the teaching approaches used here are none-the-less examples of what CCSS will look like when it is adopted.  Observe middle school students in Louisiana trying to handle a simulated hurricane disaster drill.  Notice the need to work as a team as they try to address all the emergency calls coming in to the command center.  Though students knew it was a simulation, they took it seriously and then shared their feelings about the event at the end.  The teacher took the science from the text (hurricanes) and then created a real world application for her students.  This type of connection is the goal of common core.STUDENTS WORKING TOGETHER

Another example of how common core will involve different subject areas is found in the same school's car project.  In science class, they designed cars (environmentally friendly ones that moved on air from a balloon), raced them, and then discussed the results.  Keeping to the car theme, the language arts teachers had students created car commercials.  In math class, they calculated loan rates.  Students also used the web to find the most fuel efficient cars and with map quest, planned trips.  One major highlight is seeing the students go to car dealers to evaluate sales pitches! 

For more specifics on these incredible school learning activities to support you in planning for common core, read this article.  MORE DETAILS ON STUDENTS WORKING TOGETHER 



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