Friday, July 27, 2012

8 Days of Math Activities Thanks to Olympics (New York Times)

Though the Olympic games will only last for a few days, they can still be used to bring life to math.  What better place to apply math to the real world than using the games!  Recording speeds of athletes in competitions, charting metal wins by nations, monitoring the breaking of records (and by how much), calculating the cost of the games to the host cities (is it a money loser or not), and much more.  The TIMES offers some very creative angles here using math that will resonate with students.

You will also find several other math related activities tied to stocks (which ones most benefit from the games and why).  What about having students study the names of the sponsors of the games and have students record the stock performance of those identified as profiting from linking their names to the Olympics.

The Times also adds some other summer activities to keep students actively engaged in continuing to sharpen those skills they will need to start the year off on the right foot:)


I am now watching the opening ceremonies planning some back to school ideas for the teachers I will be supporting in meeting the language needs of ELLs in their classes shortly.

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