Thursday, June 28, 2012

Use This Multiple Intelligences Survey to Show Students Where Their Strengths Lie:)

Here is tool that will delight students of all ages because it shows them where their learning styles lie.  For many students who struggle with school, a tool like this reveals talents that they may not have known that they possessed.  With such new knowledge for both the student and teacher, learning takes on new dimensions.

Teachers will know how best to support instruction for that student.   This may entail offering options geared to the student's strengths to tackle lesson projects.  When I give projects, I try to make sure that I have at least 6 different types of activities with each one geared to one type of intelligence.  The transformation of student attitude is remarkable since now they feel that they will be able to successfully convey to peers and the teacher how will they grasp a concept.  ELLs are actively engaged when they find out there will be several options beyond "write a paper" to prove their mastery of the lesson content.  Of course, this does not mean that there is no writing involved, but rather the writing will fit the type of assignment they elected to complete.

For lesson delivery, teachers might use this knowledge to address key concepts through the types of intelligences present in class.  This would be an all inclusive approach since every intelligence would be involved in the delivery of the lesson.  It is a way of validating all the ways students process information. 

Last, teachers may want to take the survey.  It might show them why they tend to deliver lessons a certain way:)  Though I am a reader and writer, I continually try to see topics from the perspectives of my students (I can not do anything musical, but I have students who can and they have that option to convey a point if they like).


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