Friday, June 15, 2012

25 Quick Teaching Tips For ELLs To START the NEW YEAR With!!!


As the pressure builds around the country to raise test scores, graduation rates, and overall academic performance of ELLs, teachers feel pressure.  To lower this anxiety, here are some solid teaching ideas which will definitely lower the pressure:). In fact, most of you are probably using many of these ideas in your classes already.

Now, to freshen your present, let me suggest the following site:  25 TEACHING TIPS FOR WORKING WITH ELLS.  Type this up as a checklist.  Why you ask?  If you convert this into a checklist for yourself, you have a record of how often you have used these ideas in class.  Further the weekly results will show you if you favored some ideas over others.  After all, it is natural for us to unknowingly favor some techniques over others since each of us has our own learning style.  If the list looks lopsided by the end of the week, see how you can bring in some new approaches the following week. Ask kids for feedback on new techniques and what they would change and why (students love it when teachers ask for their input).

Next, add to the list.  Take successful approaches of your own and include them.  The list will always be in edit mode and that is a good thing.  Chat with colleagues on effective strategies they use.  Ask to visit their rooms when they plan to use them.  If you like their ideas, add them to your list.  Tweak them to suit your own teaching style.  Share your list with new teachers who may have never worked with ELLs.  Remember your ELLs are students first and each one has his/her own unique approach to acquiring new knowledge.  A variety of teaching strategies will allow everyone a chance to demonstrate to your satisfaction how well they understood a lesson.


P.S.  I am at Disneyland presently on "vacation."  I might not be blogging until Sunday evening.  With the end of a very busy school year, I wanted to go to "the happiest place on earth."  It was expensive, but oh so much FUN!!!!

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