Wednesday, May 23, 2012

POPULAR SCIENCE--137 Years of Back Issues for FREE Thanks to Google!

This is an amazing resource which can be used with the new COMMON CORE STANDARDS in English, social studies, history, science, and possibly math classes.  These clips from the past will offer a wealth of resources for research papers, essays, presentations, projects, etc.  An interesting aside here is that even the ads within each issue are authentic.  They provide another window into the past--fashion, transportation, communication, etc.. 

As students "thumb through the pages," they will see that some of the predictions of what the future would hold for us have turned out to be true while others were far off target.  POPULAR SCIENCE has made a mission to predict how technology has the potential to improve the quality of life for everyone.

You may browse at your pace by exploring articles year by year, or simply type in a word and have the searching tool look for every issue that had that word in it.  I chose BATTLESHIP and found an article written in 1901.  You pick the topic and the searching tool will list results.  Some results might go as far back as 1870!


Try to share this with your students before summer vacation arrives.  It should be fun reading for them:)

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