Wednesday, May 2, 2012

More Sites to Support ELLs To Prepare For Your Final Examinations

Studying for end-of-year tests need not be humdrum.  Here are three more sites that might prove to students that they remember more than they thought they did:)  Every website listed is free and many subjects are covered at different grade levels.

Every subject is covered here:  math, science, social studies, English, music, and foreign language.  Students also have the option to take quizzes in each subject area.  For high school (ELLs and English only), there is also the option to take practice SAT questions. 

Pitara is geared to elementary school age children.  Though the quizzes are fun to take (I tried the biology one), they do cover academic material in a way that will not overwhelm students.  They provide a general quick walk through some of the content covered by the teacher throughout the year. 

Every grade level will find academic content in all key subject areas.   With each subject area, students have access to quizzes.  There is even a homework center!  If you teach current events, check out world and US news!  Amazing and FREE.

Mix up your review process:)  Kids love a change of pace and different formats.  Parents will appreciate these sites (as well as your own favorites) since they can be more involved in helping their children do well in your class.


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