Monday, May 28, 2012

Make CIVICS Accessible to ELLs With This Site!

Retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor was the founder of this site.  Her goal was to provide children and adults with the tools to educate themselves on how our government works.  The goal is a noteworthy one since many students and some adults truly don't fully understand how our government operates.  

This site is free, but you need to register.  As a teacher, once you register, you can access not only their many free resources (including complete curriculum units), but also create classes on the site for your students to use.  The more time schools spend on teaching civics in school, the more informed our next generation will be in carrying out their civic duties, voting, volunteering, etc.  For a democracy to work, it must have educated citizens to run it.  

With COMMON CORE STANDARDS being rolled out in every state but four, this site would enable our ELLs to fully grasp how our government functions.  Even the games found here reinforce the concepts taught in the curriculum units.  

CIVICS  --  register here.

CIVICS FOR TEACHERS  -- find complete curriculum units by state.


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