Friday, May 25, 2012

CHALLENGING SCIENCE MATERIALS-Great for New Common Core Standards!

With the arrival of COMMON CORE STANDARDS, ELLs will be expected to tackle grade level content and succeed in doing so.  The English Language Arts standards address specific skills which carry over to other content classes such as doing research, analyzing primary sources, reading informational text, understanding textbook content, writing essays, and more.   This type of instruction will call for the teacher to also do more with students who have limited skills in English (or those who need more time to process information). 

To provide full access to science class instruction for ELLs, teachers will need not just more visuals, but visuals accompanied by activities that are hands-on and naturally scaffold an ELL's attempts to follow instruction.  Teachers will need to model more and provide time for students to process new information in a variety of partnering settings.  Further, key vocabulary must be a manageable amount (no more than 10 a week and those 10 words must be used regularly in the lesson so that students will remember them).   ARKIVE EDUCATION  has resources that will enable every student to not only understand the main idea, but also develop a deep enough knowledge of the concepts to teach others about what s/he has learned and that is the best indicator of a student's mastery of content. 

In addition, a teacher will find already prepared powerpoints, lesson notes, student handouts, flash cards, and more.  Instructional packets for students ages 5-18 are all found here as well and all are free!  There are also online games based on the concepts learned as well as a list of additional websites that might provide additional insight for both students and teachers in exploring any given lesson on ARKIVE.This would be an excellent resource to supplement any science lesson.


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