Tuesday, April 10, 2012


If you are a math teacher, you have probably heard your students wonder how algebra could ever be used in the real world. They never seem to make the connection that mathematics does have a life beyond the classroom:)

The site, MATH IN THE REAL WORLD, takes algebra and shows its direct connection to music, the clothing industry, and the world of video games. You see the professionals in each field talking about how math is instrumental in their line of work first. Such insight will open up a lively class discussion as students try to make the connection, but then the website goes a bit further in that students in the film are presented with a REAL WORLD problem in the assigned industry to solve as a team. Every student is actively engaged in a team approach to solving the assigned task.

When the classroom teacher is done having students in his/her class come up with possible solutions (and there is almost always more than one), the teacher may click on the link which shows how the student teams arrived at viable solutions to each of the problems. Here is where the classroom teacher can lead the class in making comparisons of the two approaches (class approach and the one or ones used by the students in the videos).

I wish my math teachers had put a "face" on math for me a zillion years ago. I might have learned to like it:)



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