Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Have Access to Vast Video Library on ALL Subjects and Grades for FREE!

If you are eternally looking for just the right short clip video to support student understanding of key concepts of your lessons,  you will be quite pleased with this site.  Teachers' Domain is for educational use and is free thanks to public broadcasting.  Along with thousands of media resources, instructional tools, and a wide range of classroom activities, you will also find sites offering professional development for classroom teachers.  Registration is free for full access.  If you don't register, you will only be allowed to access 7 sites.

TEACHERS' DOMAIN offers materials in all subject areas (Art, Physical Education, English language arts, Mathematics, and Social Studies) and at all grade levels.  You may browse for resources by your state standards, national standards, or Common Core State Standards.  The choice is strictly up to you.  This collection of outstanding materials will make core content less overwhelming for ELLs especially.  When teachers spend time building in tools to either help ELLs access prior knowledge OR build it when it is not there, they are setting ELLs up to experience success with the lesson.

For those of you looking for new teaching strategies, look no further.  Under Professional Development, you simply type in the lesson planning support you are looking for and click.  You will be presented with a wide variety of videos on teachers modeling the teaching strategies you need.  The videos are of exemplary teachers.  I took notes on WORD STORMING since I would like to share it with some novices at my site (I am an English Language Instructional Coach supporting teachers with ELLs or ESL students).  I believe it will provide teachers with a better view of what their ELLs actually know BEFORE a lesson is started.

Remember that to use this site you must register with a school name.  Please share this with colleagues.




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