Sunday, April 29, 2012

Earth Science--Make It Even More Fascinating for Your Students:)

Earth science is a fascinating subject for all grade levels.  It covers many aspects of life that affect us all in varying ways:  eruption of volcanoes, explanations of earthquakes, different forms of weather, etc.  If you live in an area of the world with earthquakes, you will see a natural fascination with students in not just how to prepare for such an event, but why they actually occur.  What about twisters or tornadoes?  Again, if these surface in one's neighborhood especially, the interest peaks as teachers explain the WHY behind them and the destruction they bring.

EARTH SCIENCE  addresses the above topics and much more at a level that is easily accessed by kids.  For ELLs, this site provides background information to support them in completing classwork assignments.  You will note that each link offers many sites on the subject at different grade levels as well as at different levels of English proficiency.  Imagine that all the accommodations you will ever need are within the same site!  A definite time saver in a teacher's otherwise very busy day:)



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