Monday, April 16, 2012

Adjust English Language Instructional Activities With Ease Here

This site is one that has it all: grammar, word forms, reading comprehension, writing, editing/proofreading, spelling, and much more. ELLs need support in all areas here, but instructional delivery must be differentiated since most ELLs are at many different levels of English language proficiency in their classes. Adjusting assignments to meet every student's personal need can sometimes appear to be overwhelming; however, thanks to ENGLISH FOR EVERYONE, this need not be the case.

Here teachers will find a wide selection of English materials covering grades 1-12. Within many of those categories, activities are divided into beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. Such a breakdown benefits ELLs because assignments can be tailored to their specific language needs at any given time. If the assignment is too easy at the beginning level, the teacher can bump him/her up to the next level and vice versa. This site also offers practice in skills that most students are tested on annually in state academic performance assessments. The more practice the ELL especially receives here, the higher his/her self-confidence will be in taking the test! By the way, answer keys are provided with each assignment so no need to worry about creating them:)

The site is free (as is everything else I have in the blog) so add it to your instructional toolkit!



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