Friday, March 2, 2012

Teaching Engineering in Elementary School? Why not:)

Children in elementary school are definite dreamers. They see themselves in all sorts of professions when they become adults. Why not? The potential is there for each and every one of them .... including ELLs:) With dynamic enthusiastic teachers, students can start on the road to dream careers at an early age.

One site that might spark a few interests in a field that is always looking for creative people is ENGINEERING FOR ELEMENTARY . Here teachers will need to register first to access the many resources the site offers. This process is free to all. Once in, teachers will find videos, lessons, assessments, activities---all written for elementary school. I particularly enjoyed the story books that accompany each unit. The stories are written by staff members of the site and reviewed by engineering, cultural, and literacy specialists. This series of books helps cultivate children's understandings of engineering, technology, and the role these disciplines play in society, in a fun and interesting way. Each story features a child from different ethnic backgrounds. In each book, the main character must tackle a problem that only engineering can solve. In fact, though adults offer assistance, it is the young engineer who is always the hero of the day:) Kids will really appreciate seeing "themselves" saving the day for the entire community.

Your students will see math, science, and creativity do wonderful things here:)



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