Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March-Women's History Month! Videos, Articles, Photos, and MORE!

March is national women's history month. Schools are making it a point to make sure that the contributions women have made over time throughout history are now part of every subject area curriculum. Girls in schools now can point to those who went before them and thank them for opening up the doors of opportunity to all careers. Even the "glass ceiling" is slowly disappearing.

The sites I have for you today highlight the many contributions women have made throughout history to supporting humanitarian causes, fighting slavery, striking for living wages, protesting for equal rights under the law, and much more. No stone is left unturned which was quite refreshing to see.

TIME 4 KIDS This link (Time4Kids) is geared to elementary school readers (as well as struggling older readers). It contains less detail than the other two sites, but is still quite informative. The reading level is about 4th grade.

WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTH The second link is from the History Channel which always does an excellent job treating this subject. In fact, you will find free streaming video here on various events focusing on key women throughout history.

The third link is from the National Park Service where historical landmarks tied to famous women are showcased.

This last link is from the National Women's History Museum now being constructed in Washington, D.C. It is dedicated to the achievements of women in America. The resources for teachers are easily accessible, accurate, and highly detailed.

I hope you find the links supportive of your classroom in this area.



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