Sunday, March 4, 2012


To keep a democracy alive, students need to understand what the constitution is and how it affects their lives. This needs to be addressed in the early grades through high school in civics classes geared to their grade levels. To preserve the constitution and what it stands for, a democracy needs informed citizens.

Here is where the internet provides the classroom teacher with creative instructional tools to enhance any lesson on this subject. If students enjoy what they are doing, they tend to remember what they have been taught:) U.S. CONSTITUTION FOR KIDS offers a printable copy of the document, lots of interactive links, and more. One link for kids covers an interactive on the Bill of Rights in a smart simple layout that offers an easy to follow layout on what the document means today. When the student selects the right answer from the 3 given, he will see the section in the Bill of Rights which supports the answer pop up along with bells and whistles! Students will love this:) If you are studying the growth of this democracy, try this link TIMELINE . Would your students like to know what documents led to ours? Go to DOCUMENTS LEADING UP TO US CONSTITUTION where students will see copies of the Magna Carta, The Mayflower Compact, and all the others.

Add this link to your bookmarks/favorites to inspire students to appreciate the power of this document!



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