Sunday, January 8, 2012

Math Presented in a Video Game Formats! A REAL Crowd Pleaser for Students:)

Sometimes kids need a refreshing approach to reinforce skills taught in class. Often times on the list of "favorite classes" among kids, mathematics holds a low position. That being said, every student has the potential to do well in math if teachers weave in some activities that students relate to and do well in. Arcade games that teach MATH fit the bill here with ease! Such approaches augment instruction and involve even the most reticent student (especially ELLs). The sites I will give you also allow the option for kids to compete against each other. If you are concerned that you might not know how to set up the screen for group competitions, have no fear---your students will have it figured out in less than minute. Remember that they play games on their phones, laptops, and xBox all the time so setups as easy as those on XPMATH and ARCADEMIC SKILL BUILDERS will be a breeze to say the least:) BOTH sites are free, but students must register if they wish to compete against each other.

An algebra teacher invited me to see her class try these sites. Everyone was on task and trying his/her best to win the various races in all the areas of math that they were told to review. The overall consensus was that they wanted to come back! The teacher may be doing this once a week to reinforce the concepts taught in class. She was quite pleased with the results! If you want to try it with your classes, invite a colleague to help monitor the class initially unless your students are accustomed to working on computers.




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