Monday, January 2, 2012

Interactives for all Subjects Grades K-12! All FREE:)

Well, today was the first day of school for many teachers. As planning unfolds for the new year, many of us are faced with trying to find ways to assist students in remembering some of the items addressed before the break:)

ALL SUBJECTS ALL GRADES INTERACTIVES is a website from the Utah Education Network. This site offers instructional materials for all subjects (including probability at the high school level) and grade levels. It can't cover every point taught in school, but it hits on some of the big ones. The science section for grades 9-12 covers physics, chemistry, biology, genetics, etc. It also has many virtual labs (some tied to PBS - Public Broadcasting Station). The Language Arts section covers vocabulary development, spelling, grammar, writing, etc. I was also impressed with their ARTS section which many sites don't address. Here even architecture was covered including a section on designing your own building! Like MUSIC? Use the virtual keyboards to create music.

Grades K-6 are equally well thought out and easy to use (to supplement school instruction).

The K-2 section has a doodle pad (like a smartboard minus the internet) where students can write, draw, etc. You have a choice as a teacher to print in black ink or color. Kids will love it of course. Then there is the FLIP BOOK (Read Write Think). Little ones will delight at the thought of being an author. Again, all subjects are addressed here. I have pulled out one for the blog.

Grades 3-6 has a technology component which not only covers the keyboard and hardware/software, but also internet safety. I have never seen a site address this (one written for students that is). Parents and teachers should appreciate this one. There are many more subjects here as well.

I hope you enjoy the site!



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