Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Gifts to All of You--Hope You Like Them:)

A new year is only days away and with it will come the usual new year resolutions which we rarely keep:) As teachers, we are always looking for ways to "recharge our batteries" over vacation breaks so that we can return to the classroom refreshed, energized, and inspired to make a difference in the lives of the students we teach. Though we all plan on having some personal fun over the break, most of us will start planning for the return to school a few minutes a day right up to the day of our return! It seems that almost everything we see, taste, feel, or touch will some how help to develop a new approach to delivering instruction, reaching needy students, or supporting a struggling colleague. To celebrate your dedication, I give you a countdown clock to celebrate properly. May you enjoy it with your friends and family. This clock will let you watch (via Earth Cam) how 11:59PM will be greeted around the world! Once the event passes, Earth Cam will let you go to all corners of the earth to explore. EARTHCAM (NEW YEAR'S EVE 2012).

My second gift to you will keep you busy for years--FREE ONLINE COURSES from some the best institutions of the US on all topics imaginable. Please note that you can not earn credit here. It will only be for your own personal self-enrichment. All materials for the courses are free as well and online. Feel free to share this with colleagues. Ignore the ads on the page. They are for commercial "colleges" that carry very little weight in the real world. You will be looking for New York University, Stanford, University of California, Oxford, etc. I plan on taking one over my February break:)




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