Sunday, December 11, 2011

Great Resource for Teaching Personal Finance in Grades K-12!

This site deals with economics. Here teachers will find an extensive collection of lessons on economics, personal finance, and resources for teachers, students of all ages, and after school providers.

Some of the featured lessons covered currently are loan amortization, and calculating simple interest. You will also find interactive tools covering everything imaginable related to economics. I tried the SAVING and INVESTING BLITZ and didn't do as poorly as I had expected:) Of course, in a real class setting, the teacher would also have access to the teaching tools (and state standards) to address this topic (and MANY more) before students attempted the game.

Parents are not left out here either. The resources provided lay out strategies for parents to support their children in learning such things as planning for college, careful spending, developing a savings plan, and more.

PERSONAL FINANCE is wonderful resource that parents, teachers, and some students will definitely want to bookmark to refer to on a regular basis.

Hope you enjoy the site!


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