Tuesday, December 13, 2011

For All of You Word Lovers: (aka Lexophiles) :)

Learning the English language can present some frustrating situations from time to time for all of us--English learners and native speakers alike. It can often seem that there are more exceptions to rules than followers of them. The irregular past tense can easily bring tears to the eyes of some students:)

Well, why not enjoy the craziness of the language for a bit. In this site, you will find 46 sentences that need to read carefully since within each is a found a play on words. Some may require a couple of re-reads. If you teach intermediate and beyond ELLs, you could select some of these as warm-ups after the break (or to kill time if they have finished their finals). Have students (with partners) explain the humor (or try to). Encourage students to play with words here:)



My favorite sentence is #30-". The roundest knight at king Arthur's round table was Sir Cumference. He acquired his size from too much pi." FULL OF MATH--a great one to use in geometry class as an introduction to circumference!




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