Monday, August 22, 2011

Great Academic Game Site for Kids:)

Biology for Kids covers many academic subjects and delivers both an easy to follow instructional format that kids can easily follow as well as games on all the subjects covered (math through geometry, astronomy, biology, dinosaur, geography, geology, history, math, memory, spelling, and more). Also, everything is free. If students have access to computers at home, they can easily go into the site with parental support to assist where needed. Parents may enjoy it as well since they will be actively involved in learning with their children.

This site could also be used in class as a supplement to the topic the teacher is working on. Through the use of a document camera and LCD projector, the entire class can take part in the learning process. ELLs especially benefit here since oral participation is basically choral in nature. Further the vivid visuals enhance the lesson for them.

If teachers are fortunate enough to have computers in their rooms, struggling students can be assigned time on the site to work on the areas that the teacher believes they need more help in. Since they would be working at their own pace, their stress levels would drop. This would allow them additional productive time to absorb the material.

I hope you like the site.



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