Monday, July 18, 2011

15 Things You DIDN'T Know About Outer Space!

Tomorrow I will have finished my 1400 mile trip from Fremont, California to Las Cruces, New Mexico to attend the Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers conference on all things related to space. People from all walks of life will be there to share their love of the universe. A large number of them will be educators so I will be able to find some wonderful resources to share here with all of my readers. I will be blogging throughout the conference and will attempt some video taping:)

How do you motivate kids to want to learn about space? From what I hear that is fairly easy to do since most students want to learn about what lies beyond earth. What I would like to share are some facts about space that will amaze your students. They will find them unbelievable and that will easily lead into your lesson where you assure them that the facts are TRUE.

Go to 15 Things About Outer Space and enjoy!


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