Sunday, April 3, 2011

A New Look at the Human Race!

The human race website is one that every social studies teacher should bring into his/her classroom. Each culture has its own definitions of the ethnic groups in its society. There is no scientific basis to those groups. Different human races do not exist. Only 1 human race exists with a beautiful wide array of skin tones, eye colors, hair textures, etc. This should be valued, but instead people assign meaning to one's appearance which can have very negative consequences as in racial profiling.

I have used this site in my classes when I teach the American Civil Rights chapter of US history. Since I have ELLs, they often don't understand why American blacks were treated so terribly by whites. Further, the antiquated racial category definitions failed to make sense to most of them since their culture observe the race card through a different prism so to speak. So with this site, we looked at how classifications change from country to country with little rhyme or reason. One eye-opener for my students was the "who is white" survey. When you take the survey yourself you will quickly see that there is no easy answer:)

If teaching this subject material is new for you, use the teacher resources. They are excellent AND current.


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  1. What a great tool! Another resource to help students to understand culture in around the world can be found at the Habitat for Humanity website. They offer lesson plans, worksheets, assessments, and online courses teaching all ages about housing issues all over. If you would like more information please go here:http://www.habitat.org/youthprograms/parent_teacher_leader/hfhlessons.aspx