Saturday, April 16, 2011

Foldables--Fun Study Supports For ELLs At All Grade Levels!

ELLs at all grade levels can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the amount of vocabulary, academic concepts, and language they must learn to be successful in an English speaking culture. Often times, worksheets and journal entries do not provide enough support in making the content accessible for them.

Foldables provide fun approaches which pull out the key information that students must know to master content. They are highly interactive so they can easily be completed in small group settings. With key concepts being clearly identified, ELLs do not have to struggle with textbooks written far beyond their ability to comprehend fully. In small group settings, ELLs with their more English proficient partners can create these study supports with ease. These tools can also be used with partners to quiz each other before tests. They can be added to word walls for additional support for ELLs (as well as other struggling readers).

I have included two video links on foldables. In the first one, FOLDABLES, you will see a "collage" of different types of foldables. As you will quickly notice, the limits on the types are up to the teacher's imagination. Students might also have ideas to share here:)

If you have not worked much with them, take a look at the next video, 3 EASY FOLDABLES, which provides you with 3 basic foldables as a starter. If this is new to you, going slow and easy until you are comfortable with them makes perfect sense.

With the end of the school year fast approaching, the use of foldables may be a great way to get students ready for finals:)


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