Monday, January 31, 2011

History in the Making--Egypt's Revolt!

How many of us include current events in our lessons? Probably all of us do. This week has been a turbulent one in the middle east with the crisis exploding in Egypt. My students have more interested than usual since my two children are of Egyptian heritage. Today I was bombarded with many questions that I could not answer since I am not on the streets of Cairo or Alexandria watching the events unfold. Is it a revolt or a revolution? That is how we started off the morning. Helping them see a difference between the two took some time since they are also English languaLinkge learners.

To facilitate the lesson for tomorrow, I am sharing a link to the New York Times. It covers everything from building background knowledge for the academically weaker ones to a detailed report on how the social network played a major part in this uprising. We will also address how FACEBOOK and TWITTER played a role in this ongoing unrest. I will be interested in seeing to what extent they use both and how such tools supported Mubarak's demise.


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