Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The School Year Is Drawing to a Close:)

Well, only a few more days to go and then the summer vacation starts. Unfortunately, in California, summer school is a thing of the past for the most part. Since I have no control over this, I will spend a good part of my summer attending coaching workshops, hopefully offering my own workshops to schools, starting a new book (VERY early stages here), and finally getting my own online classes ready to go. It will be an exciting summer, but a tiring one:)

As a teacher, a big part of summer break must be spent on recharging batteries. By June, I am burned out--not on teaching, just the other issues I deal with throughout the year with kids and curricula demands in general. So, I actually develop an agenda to plan out my "free" time. Because I love learning (being a student actually), I have signed up for science and history classes in the hopes that I may pick up some additional skills for August when school re-opens. I have also elected to take technology classes because they offer knowledge I don't have, but want! After all, if I am to prepare my ELLs to eventually go to college, I need to be as current as I can on technology. The classes are free AND you walk away with some new piece of technology in the process.

I will also be going to Stanford University for a 4 day workshop on technology in the class with ELLs, and coaching science and history teachers on how to address language and content needs of ELLs in their classes. Though the day will be long (8-4), it will be worth it in that I will be able to help teachers on my campus in the new school year. Tied to this theme, I will also be taking some professional development classes at my district. I don't know how good they are (I have very HIGH standards so I tend to opt for conferences and never for district offerings), but hope springs eternal.

On weekends, I will be driving to Sylmar to meet with my other colleague and friend in adding our books to our site and figuring out how to handle digital deliveries and payment with no stress on our part. Then there will be the usual fussing with the site to make it even more appealing to the eye of the visitor. I guess as long as we have the site, it will be a pleasant never-ending project:)

Maybe I can arrange a visit or two to Disneyland:)

What are you planning to do this summer? Relax or work?



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