Thursday, May 13, 2010

How Can America Afford to Fire 300,000 Teachers?

I am a teacher as are my two children. Though I have not been laid off, both of my children received those notices. One, my son who is bilingual in Spanish, had his layoff rescinded, but the other, my daughter who teaches everything from ELD through AP English, is still in limbo. They are both such gifted educators and their kids adore them. However, I wonder now did I do the right thing in encouraging them both to become teachers? A teacher should not have to go this wrenching ordeal every year! We can blow up countries and spend billions doing so. We spend billions on failing banks and car companies. Yet we can AFFORD to dump America’s hope for its future by destroying public education through decimating its teaching force! What is wrong with this picture?

ELD Teacher and Educational Consultant

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  1. Denise,
    I read your comment on NEAToday about my blog.
    If you or your kids would like to write a post to share your stories, I would love to publish it on my blog. I really am trying to keep the blog filled with personal stories. Right now, I’ve really only had local input, but I’d like to show the impact this has over the entire nation.