Sunday, February 7, 2010

Read Write Think site was a success!

Though Denver NABE was a disappointment, I did find people interested in my presentation on www.readwritethink.org. With our limited budgets, we have to find free alternatives that will provide content (and practice with language) to a population that more times than not, does not have access to much technology at home. Inspiration software is awesome, but it costs money and kids can't access it at local libraries or in the homework centers. www.readwritethink.org does not have the pizazz of Inspiration, but it is accessible by all, created by NCTE and IRA, and highly interactive.

I will be working on a presentation for CABE coming up in 3 weeks that I am once again excited about. I will provide attendees with over 100 free websites to help them create their lessons using www.readwritethink.org. Since I will have a computer room with 25 internet-ready computers at my disposal, I expect this to be an awesome session:)


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