Thursday, February 18, 2010

In LA Putting Finishing Touches on Our Book!

What a trip! Six hours of crazy traffic, but what can you do:) Our CTEL book (practical test-taking tips from trainers with YEARS of class time in the subject) will put sold in PDF format so that teachers can easily access it. Books tend to be misplaced, but PDFs are generally saved to laptops. I may even ask the county office of ed to make it available to anyone looking for a review class, but not able to find one.

When this is complete, my colleagues and I may be writing literature study guides for Heinle Cengage Learning. Apparently in getting their Milestones serious out, someone forgot to add study guides. I hope it goes through since writing is my life and this would be an awesome project. Being able to guide teachers in getting the most from their novels would definitely give me a feeling of accomplishment.

More to come!


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  1. Finishing touches needed for CTEL study support guide. Since this is a first time for all of us, it seems to be a project that is never quite right:) We are working on sales flyers this weekend. With three of us trying to create just the right layout, we should have a very impressive final product. Our goal is to cut through the confusing format of the test and make it more accessible. Passing the test is not difficult. It takes a calm head and the use of some tried and true testing formats.

    Back to work:)