Saturday, January 23, 2010

Highlighting pens experience

Well, Friday we revisited the highlighting activity.  My weaker writers were confused about counter-arguments and therefore had no blue in their writing.  The advanced writers had their pages probably highlighted and went above and beyond their assignment to complete the entire essay (I had only asked for them to do the third paragraph).  I think on Monday, I will set aside time in class to demonstrate again with my document camera how their paragraphs should look and why.  I will type up 3 of the submitted paragraphs and print out copies.  Students will do one with me (highlighting topic sentence, counter arguments, and details with explanations).  They will then do one with an elbow partner. Last, they will do the third one on their own.  I will then pull a number out of a baggie (numbers 1-17---one number for each student based on their placement in my rollbook) and the "lucky" winner will go to the white board where a projected image of his/her highlighted paragraph will appear.  The class will have to decide if all the components were properly highlighted.  After this activity, they will return to their own work.  I will call the weaker ones up for a teacher-student writing conference at a large round table I have in my room.  The only things I will insist on is that they will have 2 minutes to conference with me and that they have specific questions to ask.  A question like "how is my writing?" will send them back to their seats to revise:)

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